Gerard SilvestriMedical University Of South Carolina

    Dr. Silvestri is the George Sr. and Margaret Hillenbrand Professor of Thoracic Oncology at the Medical University of South Carolina. He completed his training in Pulmonary and Critical Care at Dartmouth. He has an advanced degree in the evaluative clinical sciences, also from Dartmouth. He is widely regarded as an international expert in lung cancer and procedures related to the management of that disease. His research includes screening for lung cancer, lung nodule evaluation, diagnosis and staging of lung cancer and technology assessment. Dr. Silvestri is a writer and editor of the American College of Chest Physicians lung cancer guidelines. He is a past president of the American Association of Bronchology and interventional pulmonology. Dr.Silvestri has authored more than 250 scientific articles, book chapters and editorials. He has served on multiple editorial boards of medical journals and currently serves on the editorial board of the journal Chest. Dr. Silvestri was the president of the American College of Chest Physicians in 2017. He currently serves on the steering committee of the American Cancer Society National Lung Cancer Roundtable. Dr. Silvestri has been a member of the thoracic oncology assembly of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) since its inception and was the 2020 recipient lifetime achievement award in Lung Cancer from the ATS.